Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Top Embroidery Workshop in France ----Lesage

Lesage is the first stop of the trip to Paris. 
There looks like a small fashion museum which stores delicate patterns designed by previous designers. Those designs are also used to future designs by new designers over and over again.

The stairs in Lesage.

Numerous designers have been here to find the dreaming embroidery sample. what Lesage did is not only offer perfect embroidery but also save beautiful storied for the world.
Familiar with this doll which was put beside the door? That's Chanel.

Chanel purchased Lesage at the end of 1990s to get their embroidery for Chanel's Haute Couture every season. But Chanel didn't monopolize France advanced embroidery since that but allow Lesage to own their own business and offer service for other brands. Chanel was to develop French embroidery. Only there is a good fashion environment, labels can really develop well on it's way.

It's such an admired spirit.  
Charles F.Worth started the first Haute Couture salon in 1858 and hired embroidery master Albert Michonet. earlier 1924, Albert cooperated with Marie-Louise Lesage. Since then, he has cooperated harmoniously with many fasmous fashion designers Paquin、Poirte、Redferm、Madeleine Vionnet and Elsa Schiaparelli.
Head of Lesage---Francois Lesage

He took the family business in his 20s in 1949. after 51 years experience, his attainment is perfect to combine traditional workmanship with new designers (Dior、Givenchy、Yves Saint Laurent、Scherrer、Lacroix and Gaultier etc)' creative ideas.

He described his work as one of those little boats which offer accessories, golden and silver patterns, fabric printing, feather, sequins, embroidery, hats, shoes, while Haute Couture is just a vessel sailing for fashion ocean.

It's Mr.Lesage's signature including a scapture of fire. He seems to be serious but very outgoing.

stitch beads


Except embroidery, Lesage looks just like a small museum stored all samples and numerous silk thread styles since beginning.
Every drawer is full of colorful charming silk tread.

A basic pattern for Dress of Chanel.


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