Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Colorful Christmas Lights

Lights bring people light. So i can't imagine how we can live with light or power just as the theme of American TV play Revolution.

With the upcoming of Christmas Eve, each family decorate their houses with beautiful lights. And let's watch this before.

White may be the most common color in Christmas eve since it's bright. Countless little bulbs make a wonderful world in that that night and create a warm atmosphere. Trees, towers, houses, rooms and vases are all covered with beautiful lights.

Then with the development of science, colorful lights are also be possible to be seen in the world. And Denver government hall maybe the most grand except for the New Swan Lake Castle. Then on the Christmas eve, families get together to enjoy that wonderful light show.

That show includes different shapes of lights.

Other shapes of lights may beyond my imagination. Girls paint the shape of lights on their nail and make cakes and strawberries in the shape of lights or print Christmas lights on shirts of kids.


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