Monday, November 26, 2012

Women's Charming Backs

I am sure that you have been attracted by the backs of women on street or the wedding ceremony. Designers have done a good thing to make those men have a chance to look at women’s beautiful skin which is not secret. But that place must satisfy their imagination and women’s nature to show their sexy body. Then the back is the best place to plan.

Lace could be the material to show that effect especially in a wedding. It’s nature of hollow out make the dresses mysterious. So in many brides’ weddings, most women will choose lace back wedding dresses.

 Have you ever noticed that the shape of that spare part is sometimes the same? And that’s the v shape. So I collect some beautiful pictures of them to show you the reason. The point is the angle of the down part which will stretch to the sensitive part of women

Some other special back are all the same in the nature, although there are other embellishments on the appearances such as the jewelries or beads.

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